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Probiotics Part 1
Probiotics Part 2
Continuous Glucose Monitor
Stem Cell Transplantation
Eye Telescope for
Macular Degeneration


Foot health
Diabetes & Eye health
Shoulder instability


Airdate: 3-14-2013
Airdate: 3-7-2013

Cardiac MRI
Children & obesity
Transcatheter atrial valve replacement
Post bariatric abdominal surgery
Maternity services
Childhood jaundice


Nutrition for Seniors
Hernias in children
Hormonal contraception
Advancements in surgery
Wrist conditions
Kidney tumors


Pancreatic cancer procedure
Fevers in children
Cardiac stenting
Prenatal care
Dupuytren’s Contracture

Sleep Disorders
Lung Cancer Surgery
Liver Conditions
Electronic Cigarettes
Heart Murmurs
Throat Polyps &
Voice problems

Airdate: 2-28-2013
Airdate: 2-21-2013
Airdate: 2-14-2013
Airdate: 2-7-2013

Male Menopause
12-Day Prostate
Erectile Dysfunction
Sports Medicine
Causes of Hair Loss
Medical Causes of ED

Lung Cancer
Personal Medical Records
Tonsils & Adenoids
Robotic Doctor
Emergency Medicine

The Stem Cell Show
Stem cell transplantation / Pluristem
Fat-derived stem cells &
cosmetic surgery
Stem cell reprogramming
Stem cells & plastic surgery

Western University Show
Patient Care Center
Dental Medicine
Optometry Center
Podiatric Medicine
Veterinary Medicine

Airdate: 1-31-2013
Airdate: 1-24-2013
Airdate: 1-17-2013
Airdate: 1-10-2013

Bacteria vs. Viral infections
Colon Cancer Surgery
Out-patient Surgery Center
Venus Disease

Orthopedics after age 55
Cold Sores
Children & Anesthesia
Maternal Transport
Sickle Cell Disease

Breast 3D Ultrasound
Women & Heart Disease
HPV & Cancer
Pregnancy after age 35
Pelvic Organ Prolapse
Obstetric Services

Irregular Heart rhythms in kids
West Nile Virus
Lancer Skin Care
Stroke interventions

Airdate: 1-3-2013
Airdate: 12-27-2012
Airdate: 12-20-2012
Airdate: 12-13-2012

Swollen Glands
Hearing problems in children
Acid reflux procedure
Healthy beef stew
Childhood cancers

Children & Nutrition
Pediatric heart conditions
Digestive cond. in children
Sensory problems in children

Minimally invasive surgery
Adrenal fatigue
Colon cancer screening
Complex cataract surgery
Feeding program
Amino Acids

Addiction Treatment
Pain Mgt. and Addiction
Breaking the stigm of Addiction
Addiction Rehabilitation
Causes of Addiction
Prescription Drug Addiction

Airdate: 11-29-2012
Airdate: 11-22-2012
Airdate: 11-15-2012
Airdate: 11-8-2012

Diabetic Medication & Weight loss
Food Intolerances
Problems of the Wrist
Sudden Death in Young Athletes
Cooling Blanket
Prostate Problems

Miracle Weight Loss
Weight Loss vs. Fat Loss
Teen Obesity
Weight Loss Mistakes
Diet Evolution
Bariatric Surgery

Skin Sparing Mastectomy
Shoulder Instability
Erectile Dysfunction

Heart Disease
True Strength
Acute Rehab
Diabetic Retinopathy
Brachial Plexus Injuries

Airdate: 11-1-2012
Airdate: 10-26-2012
Airdate: 10-18-2012
Airdate: 10-11-2012

Probiotics for Dummies
Babies after 35
Patient/Doctor Relationships
Family Centered Care
Head Lice

Heart Health Test
Infant Tummy Time
Strengthen Immune system
Heart surgery thru the wrist

Back Brace
Cancer Therapy
Single Port Surgery
Throat Polyps
Cystic Kidney
Balance & Dizziness

Weight Loss vs. fat loss
Peripheral nerve disorders
Spine surgery
Continuous Glucose monitor
Causes of hair loss
Hormone balance

Airdate: 10-4-2012
Airdate: 9-20-2012
Airdate: 9-13-2012
Airdate: 9-6-2012

Energy drink danger
Male menopause
Sensory problems in children
12-Day Prostate
Medical Home Program

Stem Cells & Plastic Surgery Pt1
Stem Cells & Plastic Surgery Pt2
Oculoplastic Surgery
Food Poisoning
Guided Imagery
Urinary Incontinence

Amputation Prevention Center
Take control of your diabetes
Stroke Robo Doc
Prostate Cancer
Dry Eyes
Pilates for kids

Thyroid Disease
DNA Damage
Robotic Surgery
OB Services
Kids & Urinary Tract Infections
Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm

Airdate: 8-30-2012
Airdate: 8-23-2012
Airdate: 8-16-2012
Airdate: 8-2-2012

Technology for saving limbs
12 Day Prostate
Erectile Dysfunction
Heart Murmurs
Kidney Tumors

LifePharm Show

Pain Treatment
The Skin Commandments
Hand Arthritis
Women’s Wellness 50+
Causes of Addiction
Steroid Abuse

Salt & Kidneys
Foods to eat & to avoid
Prevention of scars
Alzheimer’s disease
Treatment of heart disease

Airdate: 7-26-2012
Airdate: 7-19-2012
Airdate: 7-12-2012
Airdate: 7-5-2012

Ocular Migraines
Gum Disease
Even Doctors Cry
Preparing Children for Surgery
SILS Procedure
Heavy Bleeding

Cerritos College -
Culinary Arts Program

Diabetes Head to Toe
Mimics Brain Tumor
Plastic Surgery for Men

Hand Arthritis
Brain Tumor Treatment
Eyelid Surgery
Hearing Loss/Hearing Aids
Inland Empire Health Plan

Airdate: 6-28-2012
Airdate: 6-21-2012
Airdate: 6-14-2012
Airdate: 6-7-2012

Broken Heart
Healthy Cooking for Kids
Drug Damage to Kidneys
ER Telemed / Radisphere
Charcot Foot

Complex Cataract Surgery
Light-Adjusting Lens
Corneal Inlays
Cross-Linking for Keratoconus
Implantable Telescope- MD

Kids cooling blanket
Liquid facelift
Kids cancer research

Prescription Addiction
Staph Infection Gallstones
Eyelid Plastic Surgery
Peripheral Vascular
Disease Vaginal Prolapse

Airdate: 5-31-2012
Airdate: 5-24-2012
Airdate: 5-17-2012
Airdate: 5-10-2012

Heart procedures/ wrist
3D Automated Ultrasound
Skin Care/Sun protection
Venous disease
Whooping Cough
Post-wgt loss tummy tuck

Hip Replacement
Glucose Monitoring
Dermoid Cysts
Dupuytrens Contracture
Radiology / Radisphere

Redlands Stroke Show Stroke
Risk Factors for Stroke
Stroke Treatment ICU
Stroke Prevention / Rehab

Vein Treatments
Reverse Facial Aging
J Pinched Nerves
Chronic Pelvic Pain
Heart Arrhythmia
Robotic Surgery

Airdate: 5-3-2012
Airdate: 4-26-2012
Airdate: 4-19-2012
Airdate: 4-5-2012
Men and Aging - 1
Men and Aging - 2
Male Menopause
Natural ED Treatment
Men's Health -
Lifestyle Changes
How They Work
Cell Phones & Health
ASEA - redox molecules
Chronic Pain & Family
Sports Nutrition
Head Lice
Symptoms of Dry Eye
Demodex Blepharitis
Simple Dry Eye
Medication for Dry Eye
Nutritional Approaches
Surgical Approaches
Body by Rey
Multiple Sclerosis
Treating Breast Cancer
Cystic Kidney Disease
Airdate: 8-11-2011
Airdate: 8-18-2011
Airdate: 8-28-2011
Airdate: 9-8-2011
Heart Disease
Hospitalized Children
Bariatric Surgery
Ovarian Cancer
Hives & Rashes
Spine Surgery
Teens Out of Control
Causes of Hair Loss
Lung Cancer
Neurologic Pain Mgt.
10/6 Body Plan
Women - Heart Disease
Pain Mgt. & Addiction
Health Ricks - Cell Ph.
Headaches in Children
Von Willebrands
Sidman Inst. - Stress
Airdate: 9-15-2011
Airdate: 9-29-2011
Airdate: 10-6-2011
Airdate: 10-13-2011

Bariatric Surgery
Nano Knife Cancer
Lung Cancer
Breast Cancer Treatment
Stroke & Telemedicine
Spinal Surgery

The Morrow Show -

Spotlighting Cosmetic Surgery

The Fort Myers Show


The Fort Myers Show


Denver Show

Morrow Show
Fort Myers Part I Fort Myers Part II